How to Manage Your Classes While Abroad

Studying abroad was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life. Taking children’s literature while in London impacted me and really connected London to the different books I was assigned to read. That being said, it can be difficult to want to do well in your class while abroad since you are in a new country and want to explore. Homework can be kind of a drag.

For me, I get anxious when I wait to do an assignment last minute. Getting a good grade was incredibly important to me, so here are some of my tips for studying and managing your classes while abroad.

You Have A Ton of Time on the Tube

I had a 45 minute commute from my apartment to my school, and I tried to use that time to complete some of my reading. Try using time you are commuting to get some of that reading done.

Bring a Planner with You

For me, being organized and seeing what I need to have done weekly really set me up for success. I brought my planner with me so that I could plan out when to study and work on homework, and also what I could do with my free time. Planning out when to work on something really sets you up for success and takes away the anxiety associated with waiting to do something last minute.

Get Big Assignments Out of the Way

Since my class was so short, I only had two essays due in the class. I decided to work on the essays as soon as I got the prompt. It’s best to get a big assignment out of the way that is due later so that you can knock out the smaller assignments as they become due. What was cool for me is that my instructor was an awesome resource for sources for my papers as well as discussion about your assignments. Try to use your instructor as a resource!

Do Homework Somewhere New

A fun thing my roommate and I did was choose a new cafe or park to go to in order to read or study. This way when you’re done with whatever assignment you have, you can venture around the new area and place that you are.

I know it can be easy to want to do something last minute, but that ultimately sets you up for failure. Try to finish your assignments early so that you can enjoy the wonderful location you are in. Thank you so much for reading!

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