Markets and Cafes in London

If you’re in London, two of the things you absolutely must do are go to one of the markets and go to one of the cafes.

I went to three markets while in London, but there are a ton more that you can find here.

The first one I visited was Alfie’s Antique Market. You guys may not know this about me, but I absolutely love vintage fashion and decor. So going here was really exciting for me… until I got there. Upon walking in I realized that this market was more so for people with more money and not people on a study abroad budget. There is a cool cafe upstairs. Just a warning, once you’re in here you can get a little lost. There are a lot of mirrors and reflective surfaces that have a fun- house effect and cause the same feeling of claustrophobia. I personally wouldn’t recommend this market.

The next market I went to was my favorite market. Camden Market was one of the coolest places I went while in London. There are so many food vendors there it made my head spin! There were also a ton of clothing vendors, vintage vendors, and random shops in there. Speaking of Camden, I will mention one of my favorite cafes which happens to be in Camden Market. Cereal Killer Cafe is a cute cafe that is a cereal lovers dream! There are vintage cereal boxes and decor everywhere, and they specialize in these amazing cereal milkshakes that are to die for. I highly recommend this market since there are so many different things to see and do!

The last market I want to mention is the Portobello Street Market. Mother of God, this market is HUGE. Be prepared to walk. This was definitely the most “vintage” of the markets I went to. There are a ton of vintage vendors and sellers. Most are reasonably priced, but there are some whose prices are too high, so make sure to watch out for that. If you love vintage things and thrifted clothes as I do, then I would recommend visiting this market.

If you go to one cafe while in London, make sure to go to Bloomsbury Coffee House. They have a great cappuccino and lovely breakfast. It is a very quiet place but with art everywhere. It is very cozy and laid back, which is what I enjoy about it.

Another cafe I would recommend going to is Detox Kitchen. It is more of a quick service restaurant than a cafe, but they serve great coffee very quickly.

The last place I am going to recommend is somewhere that you can get your coffee and fruit to go and be on your way. There is no name for this place, so you have to venture out and find it yourself! My roommate and I called him the Strawberry Man because he always had the best strawberries. He also makes a mean cappuccino. You can find his cart outside of the Bounds Green stop on the Piccadilly Line.

To recap, I would go to Camden Market if I could only choose one market to go to. And the cafes/ coffee stops you’ll have to choose at your own discretion.

Thanks for reading!

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