Oh, Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument outside of Salisbury, England that is well known by many people all around the world. When my roommate suggested we go, I was a little less than enthused at the thought of it. What was the big deal about a circle of rocks, I thought.

We took a train that was roughly an hour and a half long from King’s Cross to Salisbury, and from there we took a tour bus to the Stonehenge center. From there we took another bus to the actual Stonehenge. While it was cool to see the stones that I had seen pictures of for such a long time, I was really underwhelmed by the whole experience.

The most interesting part for me were the different burial mounds and all the ravens that were around. Quite eerie, but also really cool. They also have some reconstructed Neolithic houses near the visitor center.

For me, I just don’t think it was worth all of the time and money to go to Stonehenge. If Stonehenge is something you really want to see, by all means go for it. I would recommend buying from The Stonehenge Tour if you are taking a train from London to Salisbury. Their stop is right outside the station, and they were very nice and prompt. It includes admission to Stonehenge, so it is a good bang for your buck.

As always, I hope the information I provided was helpful and informative. My next blog post will be about the different markets I went to while in London, as well as different cafes I would go to! Cheers!

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