London Musicals

While I was in London, I was lucky enough to be able to go to two musicals: Wicked and Matilda the Musical. I had never seen Wicked before, but I absolutely loved it. Even in the almost nosebleed level seats, it was funny, entertaining and intriguing. We saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theater, which was luckily right next to the Victoria line station.

But the best musical that I went to was definitely Matilda the Musical. Good lord that musical was amazing. There are a few things that are different from the Roald Dahl classic, such as Miss Honey becoming a weakling and children breaking out in song at the best of times.

London has a ton of musicals and plays on throughout the year, and I would suggest checking out Time Out for different musicals playing and also Last Minute for cheaper tickets.

London has a special relationship to theater, and going to see a musical is something different and quite easy to do while in London. Seeing Matilda the Musical was one of the most memorable experiences for me because of my personal connection to the character Matilda. The anticipation of waiting for the musical to start and just being transported to a different world is what I think makes plays and musicals so special. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies, but seeing talented actors and actresses perform something live is what I think makes theater so special.

If you have the time while in London, I would highly suggest buying tickets to go see a musical. It’s one of those London staples that I think you absolutely should do.

Thank you so much for reading! My next blog post will be about Stonehenge. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “London Musicals

  1. Lovely! I actually worked in a theater back home (Arizona) for four years and loved it! Liked Matilda, but we had Wicked on for five weeks so I don’t feel like I need to see that again anytime soon. I studied abroad in Brighton and just moved back and have seen Kinky Boots, Mamma Mia and The Book of Mormon in London! Hoping to see The Lion King and Les Miserables soon!


  2. When I saw in London two years ago, I saw a show in the West End with my mom. She and i saw Les Mis together and it was my dream of seeing it in London. Then there is Broadway and I saw Wicked there eleven years ago. Wicked sparked my love for musicals while Les Mis turned that love into a passion.

    I see mostly touring productions since I don’t live near New York. I live in North Carolina so I rely on touring productions to see musicals.


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