London Museums

Hey everyone! On this blog post I will be talking about the typical London museums and what my thoughts are on each one.

Tower of London

Tower of London was the first museum I went to while I was in England. It was also one of my favorite museums that I went to. When you visit the Tower of London, you get to see some of the Crown Jewels and the history of the tower. There are different stories in the different towers you go into. In one, the room tells the story of the evolution of the British Soldier, up until present time.  It is also a pretty big museum, so you definitely get your money’s worth going there. I would highly recommend going to this museum.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a church that holds some of England’s most famous monarchs and writers. You are not allowed to take pictures in the church, so make sure to respect that rule. It is a self-guided tour with an audio guide that gives you different information throughout the church. To be honest, I don’t think this museum was worth the money. It was very crowded and all I really got to see was where monarchs were buried. It is very beautiful but I would have rather spent the money elsewhere. This museum was a tourist trap for me.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum was one of the coolest museums I went to. I will warn you that the line to get in is LONG, but ultimately worth it if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan. I waited about an hour in line to go in. The museum is set up as if Sherlock Holmes actually lived there with props that are from the time that Sherlock Holmes was written. There were even life-like figures that were different characters from Sherlock Holmes. Ultimately, I thought it was amazing. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, I would not miss this museum. If you aren’t a fan then I wouldn’t suggest going.

Charles Dickens Museum

This museum taught me a lot about Charles Dickens that I didn’t know before. The museum is his actual house that he lived in, and eventually died in. I had much more appreciation for Charles Dickens after finding out how much he did for children’s rights during a time when children were treated horribly. The museum is very small, and I was done in around 30 minutes or so. They have a lovely cafe in the museum where you can have tea in the garden if you so choose. I feel the same way about the Charles Dickens Museum as I did about the Sherlock Holmes Museum: If you aren’t a fan of Charles Dickens, then I wouldn’t spend the time going.

British Museum

Oh, the British Museum. This had to be the biggest museum that I went to. It was huge, and I think I spent around three hours there. There are exhibits from so many countries around the world. One of my favorite exhibits was an exhibit on Japanese artists. The museums exhibits do change, so it may not be up anymore. They also have a huge Egyptian exhibition that gets very hot and crowded. I much preferred the Greek section of the museum where it wasn’t as hectic. There really is a little bit of everything at the British Museum, so I would recommend this for anyone to go.

My final thoughts on the matter are that you should go to museums that catch your interest. A lot of the museums I went to have a literary background because that is what I was studying while in London. There are a ton of things to do and see in London, and you should spend you time seeing things that you find interesting.

My next blog post will be about the musicals I saw while in London, and why you should try to go to at least one play while there! Cheers!

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