Oxford: The Land of Alice

Since this is the first location I will be “rating,” I thought I would begin with Oxford because it was one of my favorite places I visited while in England. I think ratings can be very subjective, so at the end of my review, I will give a general rating out of 5 and explain why each place got their score.

If you love Alice in Wonderland, you will love Oxford. While in Oxford, we visited the Christ Church part of Oxford University, which is where Lewis Carroll taught.

One of the things I loved about Oxford was the small town feel. London is very busy and can become overwhelmingly, so having a day in Oxford really helped me wind down. It is very green and beautiful there, too! The architecture really shows how old this city is.

Christ Church was particularly amazing for me because of all the Alice in Wonderland trivia I learned. I also liked the campus, fellows halls, and the church inside the university.

Some of the best parts of Oxford are away from the city center and in the parks and rivers. It was so incredibly beautiful there, and everyone was so friendly.

I’m not usually very keen on museums, but the Oxford University Museum of Natural History was fascinating! There are dinosaurs, stuffed bears, and collections of what seems like things from every culture. The staff is really friendly and I feel like it is more of a hands on experience with some of the collections because you can get so close to it.

Overall, I would rate Oxford 5/5. It has a rich history of literary authors, a small town feel, and is just an overall amazing place to experience. It is worth the time to visit, especially to et away from the bustle of London. If you enjoy the countryside and greenery, I would recommend going to Oxford.

My next blogpost will be about the “typical” London tourist spots, and which ones to avoid and which ones to give a go! Thanks so much for reading.

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