My Experience with the NHS

The NHS is the last place I planned to visit while in England. The NHS, an abbreviation for the National Health Service, is England’s Public Health Service. Those in the U.K. pay taxes in order to have this free public health system.

My roommate and I had been in London around three days when we had to go to the NHS. What happened was that I was trying to cut one of my tops with a pair of scissors. The scissors slipped and almost cut the tip of my finger off. I freaked out. Freaked. Out. My roommate thought I was overreacting until I showed her my finger. Bless her for trying to get us help. Our homestay was gone, the institution we were studying with wasn’t able to help us or tell us where to go, and luckily we had some awesome neighbors who assisted us. Our neighbors ended up bringing us to what we call in the States Urgent Care.

While there, I filled out some standard medical paper work. We then waited. I was then seen by a nurse who assessed the damage and removed my bandage. I was then sent back to the waiting room.

Around an hour later, I saw the head nurse who bandaged my cut after assessing I didn’t need further medical attention.

Altogether, we were there around four hours. There was no cost associated with seeing the nurse or getting bandaged up.

It can be scary being in a foreign country. I honestly had no idea where to go for my cut. Once we got to the NHS Urgent Care and saw a nurse, I felt much better about the situation. My suggestion is to make sure to research the Public Health Service the country you’re staying in has, and to look up information of the closest hospital in relation to where you’re staying. I wish I had thought of doing that. It would have reduced so much of the stress of the situation my roommate and I were in. Honestly shout out to my roommate who was honestly the best!

Thank you so much for reading! My next post will be about the tube, and after that I will start rating the various places I visited while in England!


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