Oxford: The Land of Alice

Since this is the first location I will be “rating,” I thought I would begin with Oxford because it was one of my favorite places I visited while in England. I think ratings can be very subjective, so at the end of my review, I will give a general rating out of 5 and explain […]

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The Tube

One of the major differences between America and England is their use of underground and overground rail. Whereas Americans are focused on cars and our country was built around the automobile, England has much less space and has the tube. The tube was one of my favorite parts of being in London. You could go […]

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My Experience with the NHS

The NHS is the last place I planned to visit while in England. The NHS, an abbreviation for the National Health Service, is England’s Public Health Service. Those in the U.K. pay taxes in order to have this free public health system. My roommate and I had been in London around three days when we […]

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Banking While Abroad

Before I went abroad, I had the crazy notion that I would bring all of the cash I had saved for my trip with me in my carry on. Boy, was I wrong. I am going to linkĀ a useful website I found for tips about how to access money while abroad. To begin with, I […]

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Home-stay Vs. Apartment Living

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my experience living with a home-stay vs. an apartment while abroad. Though not all programs will offer both a home-stay and an apartment, it’s good to know the pros and cons of each option. Home-stay I originally chose to stay with a British family because I wanted to […]

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