The Lake District

Since my trip focused on Children’s Literature, one of the trips we went on was to the Lake District, which is where Beatrix Potter lived. Honestly, I wish my whole study abroad trip had been in the Lake District. It was such a relief to go there and get away from the busyness of London. […]

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Markets and Cafes in London

If you’re in London, two of the things you absolutely must do are go to one of the markets and go to one of the cafes. I went to three markets while in London, but there are a ton more that you can find here. The first one I visited was Alfie’s Antique Market. You guys […]

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Oh, Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument outside of Salisbury, England that is well known by many people all around the world. When my roommate suggested we go, I was a little less than enthused at the thought of it. What was the big deal about a circle of rocks, I thought. We took a […]

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London Musicals

While I was in London, I was lucky enough to be able to go to two musicals: Wicked and Matilda the Musical. I had never seen Wicked before, but I absolutely loved it. Even in the almost nosebleed level seats, it was funny, entertaining and intriguing. We saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theater, which was luckily right next to the […]

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London Museums

Hey everyone! On this blog post I will be talking about the typical London museums and what my thoughts are on each one. Tower of London Tower of London was the first museum I went to while I was in England. It was also one of my favorite museums that I went to. When you […]

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Oxford: The Land of Alice

Since this is the first location I will be “rating,” I thought I would begin with Oxford because it was one of my favorite places I visited while in England. I think ratings can be very subjective, so at the end of my review, I will give a general rating out of 5 and explain […]

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The Tube

One of the major differences between America and England is their use of underground and overground rail. Whereas Americans are focused on cars and our country was built around the automobile, England has much less space and has the tube. The tube was one of my favorite parts of being in London. You could go […]

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My Experience with the NHS

The NHS is the last place I planned to visit while in England. The NHS, an abbreviation for the National Health Service, is England’s Public Health Service. Those in the U.K. pay taxes in order to have this free public health system. My roommate and I had been in London around three days when we […]

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